Thursday, 28 March 2013

some relevant things missing

I drew the title for my blog, but I had to take a photo of it instead of scanning it, cause I have put my scanner power cord in some place so safe I can't find it!! And I totally miss Adobe Photoshop!! It really sucks trying to process images with some crappy software by Windows. As a graphic design student it's kinda embarrassing not to have the softwares needed in my future job at home. Well, as soon as my maternity leave ends and I'll go back to school & work I'll get myself a better computer and all the softwares I need. Will even get a special price as a student.

Oh yeah, and about the title. It is supposed to be a little scruffy. And those brown blots are coffee. Ho ho ho, what an ingenious idea!! (LOL).

I was planning to use the image instead of the ready-made title, but as I tried it, it looked so awful that I'll just have to reject the idea. So, this whole post was pretty pointless.

I will share more some interesting & necessary facts with you again in the near future! <3 Bye!

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  1. Heehee! I love this post!!!! Yeah I know what you mean about the graphic design software. Its so freaking expensive. Booooooo! I like the design - maybe some scribbles and different kinds of inks/pens/pencils would be nice in the background.
    I sent you a card from Edinburgh today! It should arrive soooooon! <3