Sunday, 27 October 2013


Long time no hear from me.. I'm a BAD blogger! But I'm trying to shape up..!
Here are some deco-entries I've made recently (read: during past months..)

My entry to a bicycles-themed deco

Entry to a Soviet Union themed deco

Some chilis... Drawn by me.


Entry into vintage-themed deco

Some more vintage-themes...

Entry into "Striped"-deco

Last summer I also started to make jewelry. I have my own Etsy-shop for them now and also Facebook pages. Check them out here:

Below you can see some of the jewelry I've made. I have plenty of jewelry I should photograph and even more unfinished projects... Lately I've interested also in semiprecious stones and crystals and would like to use them more in my jewelry. As much as I love the beauty of them I am also very interested in their healing qualities.

I have an awesome French dictionary from the early 20th century, which my friend Martta has dumbster dived from somewhere and given to me <3 I should really make a special jewel for her as I have had so many cool crafting materials from her! And to get back to that old book, I have found some really great stuff from it to use in my jewels.

Ring. The picture cut from the dictionary.


Some rings


A ring with a real flower

Pendant made of shrink plastic. I have drawn that heart by myself.

Shrink plastic earrings. The Bride of Frankenstain! Drawings by me.

Moon-face pendants made of shrink plastic. The picture is a replica (drawn by me) of an old woodcut.


Skeletons made of shrink plastic, drawn by me.

The "stardust"-glitter glows in the dark!

Made of shrink plastic, drawn by me.

Glows in the dark ^_^

Made to order as a birthday-gift for my friend's mother. There are the photos of her grandchilds. I used jade- and aventurine-beads in this one. 

I also made this little mixed media painting last summer:

"Plants' neuter generation"

And lastly some autumnal feelings ...

Ruu raking in a playpark <3
Gosh, I love trees!