Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunny days and deco-times!

Yellow Hellow!

The spring has finally arrived!! For the last two days the weather has been sunny and warm and wonderful! On this week I've seen my first flowers and butterflies and bugs of this year! And still I've been terribly tired. :( I don't know is it the sleep dept from the past year or something else. It doesn't feel the kind of tiredness that is result from sleeping badly. I guess I'll have to see a doctor and ask for some blood tests. But I think it's nothing serious. Probably just a low hemoglobine or so.

There's a bumblebee hiding in a flower! Do you find in which one? 8-)

There was an exciting Saturday a week ago. Ruu went to his first sleepover at his grandparents while me and Teemu went to a friend's housewarming party and had some relationship-quality time (without the child) at the very first time since Ruu was born. It was fun and everything had gone ok with Ruu. :) Though when we came home I started missing my baby-boy so badly! I stood in the doorway of his room for a long while feeling wistful and the whole room smelled like him! Oh well, that is probably just normal mother behaviour... ;) 

I baked some cake pops to the housewarming party!

Yesterday I did some decoing for a long time (for definately TOO long, it had been almost 1 and a half year without any deco-times!!) at two of my great deco swapping friends'. :3

For those who are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, here is a short summary: Decos (or decorative friendship books) are small selfmade booklets that are mailed from penpal to penpal. Decos travel the world, going from one decorator to another. Each decorator or signer adds their work to a single blank page of the deco, and then passes it along to the next person. In traditional deco swapping, there is no set list of people to whom a deco will be passed, so you never know who will work in your book, or when it will be completed and arrive back home. Decos are all about making something beautiful. (Origin: )

It was SO much fun and I'll must make some deco-entries soooon again! I was missing that kind of activity, but as a mother of a young child it's sometimes hard to find own time to do the favourite things one used to do before..

Here's what I achieved ("Ralla" is my nickname used in decos):

"Ralla ...clear pleasure! - The Havi palm soap"
The photos and texts are from the same ad in an old magazine.
The facial expression of the man is priceless, I think :D

"Real tickets"-entry

Eeeerm... A pornish entry to a Queer-themed deco.
Didn't quite end up the way I wanted, bleh.

Some more treasures from old women's magazines...
"Is it forbidden - from young girls?"

And this is the end of this post. Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Serious thinking and random photos


So, it's Thuesday evening already. As a result of last Friday's party I've been exhausted for FOUR DAYS. We had great time, but maybe I should have drink less beer and apple cider :P Bleh. I've been considering becoming an absolutist, for serious!

As a birthday present I gave to my friend an etching print I had made at school 3 years ago.

For those who aren't familiar with that technique, here's how it is done: 

  1. First a copper plate is covered with a waxy ground which is resistant to acid. 
  2. Then artist scratches off the ground with a pointed etching needle where she/he wants a line to appear in the finished piece. 
  3. The plate is then dipped in a bath of acid. The acid bites into the metal, leaving behind lines sunk into the plate. The remaining ground is then cleaned off the plate. 
  4. The plate is inked all over, and then the ink wiped off the surface, leaving only the ink in the etched lines. 
  5. The plate is then put through a high-pressure printing press together with a sheet of paper. The paper picks up the ink from the etched lines, making a print. The process can be repeated many times; several hundred copies could be printed. 
The print I've made

wrapped the present in paper with some other stuff

Lately I've been reading a book about ayurveda for women. I find it very interesting. There are lots of  commonalities between ayurveda and my other beliefs. I'll might even try an ayurvedic diet to see will I feel better afterwards! It's not anything freaky, there are just different foodstuff one's body type sould avoid or prefer. Like I shouldn't eat raisins or broccoli or mushrooms or chocolate :( but for example all the nuts, avocados and spices are good for me!

I don't have much to say today, so I'll share some photos with you. Here are some of my latest purchases and other stuff! :)

Some stuff I found from the book- and paper store sales!!

button tape! And a postcard with removable skull-stickers!!

Mariposa scrapbooking pad!! plus some beautiful postcards!
And brads with 70% discount!!


A bath towel I had ordered from an online store for Ruu arrived!
I don't know which one loves it more; me or Ruu..!

Great design on these energy drink cans!!

Ann-Marie sent me mail from her trip to Edinburgh!
Such an awesome card and a £20 tissue!!

Turbo the cat posing. Isn't that just a perfect pose or what?

Shadows on our kitchen wall
Some snow came down once again on the other day

A sticker sticked onto a switchboard locker near to us

Another sticker I pass quite often

That's all for now, thank you for your attention. Have a nice week folks!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring feelings and cool discoveries

I wish I knew who has drawn this awesome fella!!
Hey there!

I give you a dancing skeleton as presenting my victory dance (I'm not that skinny though).

Ruu slept the whole last night without waking us up and is eating MUCH better than before! This is great news! It was about time, since he has already turned 1 year. 


The spring is coming, the sun has been shining so brightly I've been cursing myself to the lowest hell for losing my only sunglasses on the other day. (I haven't found any new ones I like yet). However Ruu has brand new very stylish glasses and the wonderful sun is melting all the snow away! Yay!


The last two days I've been out without wearing a hat, cause it's been so warm here! And guess what I saw yesterday? A FLY! It was sitting on Ruu's wagon while we were on a walk. Good bye winter, I won't miss you!

Ruu wearing his stylish sunglasses
A gross thing happened today. I accidentally carried dog-poopbags (filled with itself) around. This is how it happened: On the morning I was taking our dogs for a walk with Ruu and as usual I picked their poops in clear plasticbags and put them on a grating under the pushchair to wait until we'd pass a grabage can. WELL. I forgot them there. After taking the dogs back home we went to our local supermarket and I remembered those poop-bags not until I was putting the shopping bags under the wagon... Eeeewwww! The poop and melted snow had turned into a liquid muck. Ugh. I wonder how many people had noticed those bags down there before me... Luckily the bags were still intact. Otherwise I might had remembered them a bit earlier. Yuck!

Maybe my thoughts were already in tomorrow..  I am going to my friend's birthday party. It is the first time after I got pregnant I'll go to a party without my son!! So it's going to be mommy's night out! I'm really excited!! 8-)

But that's about me for now... I want to present you two lovely persons. First of all, I have a new idol; Teresa Moorhouse . (Click on her name to visit her homepage.) She is an experienced textile designer, graphig designer and illustrator. Look at these patterns she has designed for Marimekko :

I love them!! She has designed loads of other fabric patterns too, but those are propably my favourites. Omg they're gorgeous! (What a shame Marimekko is just too expensive to my wallet..)
I also love her style at some magazines where she has worked as an art director.

And heeeere's the other woman I found from the internet wonderland; an artist called Carita Hult. She does scrapbooking and amazing fairyfigures as a hobby. Last year she won the Scrapbooker of the year - title, and I don't wonder! Take a look at her blogs: &

A detail of a scrapbooking art by Carita Hult

Tiny fairy by Carita Hult

Oh, there's one more thing.. I've been wondering should I after all write also in Finnish. I don't know if my Finnish pals would rather read in their native language. So, I will set up a poll for it. You'll find it from the right on the top.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter madness & the attack of the giant cock

I hope you had a lovely Easter! My family visited both of the grandparents during the 4 day holiday and we are now teaching little Ruu to sleep in his own room in his own bed without eating a breast all night long. Until last Friday he has slept right next to me and this weaning thing has been quite rough for all of us. 

The last two nights my dearest, sweetest, loveliest Teemu has been putting Ruu to sleep whenever he has woken up (several times per night). And I have been able to sleep better than ages! There's been loads of crying and hushing, but it is getting better. And I've been on a great mood! It feels good after being totally bitchy for an year (thanks to the natural hormones and tiredness!) I bet Teemu enjoys this as much as I do... Well, everyone who has kids knows for sure how hard it can sometimes be.

That's all of that for now.. here's some Eastery photos for you! I'm also presenting THE ACTION MAN!! Wo-hoo!

Chocolate eggs!

The catkins I picked on the other day

The Adventures of the Action-man
chapter 1

Action-man is hunting Easter eggs

"Oh yay! I found some!"

But picking up the eggs isn't that easy, there are some little guardians...
"Get off me you bloody chickens!"
But that's not all...

He'll have to go home with empty hands. :(
"For fuck sake! Vegetables for dinner -- AGAIN!"

Poor Action-man! I wish he has better luck on next time.

Ps. I need a better camera!! A systems cam would be nice!