Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spring feelings and cool discoveries

I wish I knew who has drawn this awesome fella!!
Hey there!

I give you a dancing skeleton as presenting my victory dance (I'm not that skinny though).

Ruu slept the whole last night without waking us up and is eating MUCH better than before! This is great news! It was about time, since he has already turned 1 year. 


The spring is coming, the sun has been shining so brightly I've been cursing myself to the lowest hell for losing my only sunglasses on the other day. (I haven't found any new ones I like yet). However Ruu has brand new very stylish glasses and the wonderful sun is melting all the snow away! Yay!


The last two days I've been out without wearing a hat, cause it's been so warm here! And guess what I saw yesterday? A FLY! It was sitting on Ruu's wagon while we were on a walk. Good bye winter, I won't miss you!

Ruu wearing his stylish sunglasses
A gross thing happened today. I accidentally carried dog-poopbags (filled with itself) around. This is how it happened: On the morning I was taking our dogs for a walk with Ruu and as usual I picked their poops in clear plasticbags and put them on a grating under the pushchair to wait until we'd pass a grabage can. WELL. I forgot them there. After taking the dogs back home we went to our local supermarket and I remembered those poop-bags not until I was putting the shopping bags under the wagon... Eeeewwww! The poop and melted snow had turned into a liquid muck. Ugh. I wonder how many people had noticed those bags down there before me... Luckily the bags were still intact. Otherwise I might had remembered them a bit earlier. Yuck!

Maybe my thoughts were already in tomorrow..  I am going to my friend's birthday party. It is the first time after I got pregnant I'll go to a party without my son!! So it's going to be mommy's night out! I'm really excited!! 8-)

But that's about me for now... I want to present you two lovely persons. First of all, I have a new idol; Teresa Moorhouse . (Click on her name to visit her homepage.) She is an experienced textile designer, graphig designer and illustrator. Look at these patterns she has designed for Marimekko :

I love them!! She has designed loads of other fabric patterns too, but those are propably my favourites. Omg they're gorgeous! (What a shame Marimekko is just too expensive to my wallet..)
I also love her style at some magazines where she has worked as an art director.

And heeeere's the other woman I found from the internet wonderland; an artist called Carita Hult. She does scrapbooking and amazing fairyfigures as a hobby. Last year she won the Scrapbooker of the year - title, and I don't wonder! Take a look at her blogs: &

A detail of a scrapbooking art by Carita Hult

Tiny fairy by Carita Hult

Oh, there's one more thing.. I've been wondering should I after all write also in Finnish. I don't know if my Finnish pals would rather read in their native language. So, I will set up a poll for it. You'll find it from the right on the top.


  1. Heh, ei ikinä, siis IKINÄ, kannata laittaa roskapusseja vaunujen alakoriin koska ne todennäköisesti unohtuu sinne. Kokemusta löytyy. Ihanaa keväthypetystä kulta! Ja Ruulle pointsit reipastumisesta! Kyllä se vaan aika joskus korjaa myös asioita ihan itsestään niinkuin aina hoen :)

    1. Yksi sana: UNIKOULU ;) et ei tää ihan itestään menny, mutta helpommin, kuin kuvittelin. Ja mä olen ihan uusi ihminen, kun oon saanu nukkua hyvin öisin!!