Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Serious thinking and random photos


So, it's Thuesday evening already. As a result of last Friday's party I've been exhausted for FOUR DAYS. We had great time, but maybe I should have drink less beer and apple cider :P Bleh. I've been considering becoming an absolutist, for serious!

As a birthday present I gave to my friend an etching print I had made at school 3 years ago.

For those who aren't familiar with that technique, here's how it is done: 

  1. First a copper plate is covered with a waxy ground which is resistant to acid. 
  2. Then artist scratches off the ground with a pointed etching needle where she/he wants a line to appear in the finished piece. 
  3. The plate is then dipped in a bath of acid. The acid bites into the metal, leaving behind lines sunk into the plate. The remaining ground is then cleaned off the plate. 
  4. The plate is inked all over, and then the ink wiped off the surface, leaving only the ink in the etched lines. 
  5. The plate is then put through a high-pressure printing press together with a sheet of paper. The paper picks up the ink from the etched lines, making a print. The process can be repeated many times; several hundred copies could be printed. 
The print I've made

wrapped the present in paper with some other stuff

Lately I've been reading a book about ayurveda for women. I find it very interesting. There are lots of  commonalities between ayurveda and my other beliefs. I'll might even try an ayurvedic diet to see will I feel better afterwards! It's not anything freaky, there are just different foodstuff one's body type sould avoid or prefer. Like I shouldn't eat raisins or broccoli or mushrooms or chocolate :( but for example all the nuts, avocados and spices are good for me!

I don't have much to say today, so I'll share some photos with you. Here are some of my latest purchases and other stuff! :)

Some stuff I found from the book- and paper store sales!!

button tape! And a postcard with removable skull-stickers!!

Mariposa scrapbooking pad!! plus some beautiful postcards!
And brads with 70% discount!!


A bath towel I had ordered from an online store for Ruu arrived!
I don't know which one loves it more; me or Ruu..!

Great design on these energy drink cans!!

Ann-Marie sent me mail from her trip to Edinburgh!
Such an awesome card and a £20 tissue!!

Turbo the cat posing. Isn't that just a perfect pose or what?

Shadows on our kitchen wall
Some snow came down once again on the other day

A sticker sticked onto a switchboard locker near to us

Another sticker I pass quite often

That's all for now, thank you for your attention. Have a nice week folks!

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