Friday, 6 December 2013

The Week of Life - project

I red about an interesting project from a camera-magazine. It is an old one, but I heard from it for the very first time. It is called Week of Life. The idea is taking 9 photos every day for a week (or longer time). The photos should show bits from one's everyday life and they should be horizontal. 

The whole project was founded by Czech photographer Adolf Zika, who got Leica D-Lux 3 compact camera in 2006 and decided to start taking documentary photos from his own life every day for an year. The compact camera followed him 24 hours a day, into all of his daily activities. The founding idea behind Week of Life is to contribute to a “world photo archive of humanity”. 

There is a website, where anyone can post their own weeks of life. Check it out here: And to read more about the project, see the following link: 

So, I got very excited about this, and am joining the project. I will be posting some photos here too!

December 2nd


We saw Teemu at work; he came to sand the playpark with the yellow tractor. It was icy there. Ruu probably wants to be a tractor-driver when he grows up...

Piece of Mulled wine-ginger bread-cheesecake I baked, with mulled wine syrup.

Lately I've been baking way too much. I should really control myself or soon my clothes won't fit me anymore. :F It is this dark and cold, depressing season which forces me to bake cakes and eat sugar more than necessary!! It is 3 p.m. and it's already getting dark! UGH!


  1. These photos are great! My favourite is the one of you brushing your teeth and the one of Ruu drawing! And the mulled wine cake!

    1. Thanks Ann-Marie! <3 I like a lot the one of Ruu drawing too! :)