Saturday, 18 May 2013

All the world is green*

* it is! And it's also a song by Tom Waits.

Hi there!

I haven't been too hardworking with my blog lately, eh... That's mostly because I've been missing 1.) The Right Mood and also 2.) Time and Energy. But here I am now!

The world has turned to green!! We have had loads of warm, sunny days in Helsinki and we've visited a play park almost every day with Ruu.Today I saw the first house martins (swallows) of this summer! It was awesome, for me they've always meant that the summer has begun. I love their shrieking voices! 

Forests are full of wood anemones

The birch leaves grew fast, as every spring.
Oh, how I've missed the sound of wind and rustling leaves!

A mute swan we saw a week ago.

Some crazy art work in the forests of Kauniainen.

Me posing!

There is a lovely park and a small river near to our home.
There lives some pretty tame mallards and other water birds.
The photo was taken in April, when it wasn't so warm and green yet...
Feeding a mallard.

Mommy's little helper hoovering
and wearing the best accessory ever (my -clean- underpants around his neck...)(-_-)

Aaand some more photos of my lil muffin...

I drew some stickers to Ann-Marie!
Some postcards I sent on the other day.
I've started postcrossing again, which is fun, but probably extremely stupid, since I don't seem to have enough time even for my long-term penpals... But I've never said that I was a very rational person...

One of our local libraries was closed during the renovation and they had plenty of books they sold away for ridiculously low price. I paid 1 euro for these.
I found some comics, novels and couple of books to cut up and be used in decos.

And that's all for now. I hope you are having a great weekend! Cheers!

Ps. There is about to start a thunder storm!! There are lightning and rumbling outside, it looks and sounds amazing. I L-O-V-E THUNDER STORMS!! And I love summer.


  1. aivan ihania nuo tekemäsi tarrat!! :)

    1. voi kiitos! niissä on glitteriäkin!! ^_^

  2. Naamakirjaryhmän kautta kurkkimassa :) Mahtavia nuo tekemäsi tarrat ja varsinkin alemman postauksen Decot iski. Hurjan hienoja!